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Historic Denver reveals 50 Actions for 50 Places

50 Actions for 50 Places
Posted at 5:09 PM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 11:12:33-04

DENVER — With the constant construction of new buildings in Denver, it's easy to forget the ones that have been here the longest.

Historic Denver asked the community last spring what 50 places they would like to see preserved. And they were overwhelmed with responses, including a Victorian-style home designed by a well-known Denver architect.

"It is amazing to look at this house and realize that these big stones — they came out here on a wagon behind horses," said Gary Goble.

Goble and his wife bought a1890s Victorian home about 50 years ago. In that time, they’ve seen parts of their neighborhood change.

"We never thought that people would scrape houses and rebuild new things in this neighborhood, but it has happened," he said.

Not wanting that to happen to their two homes, they nominated them to be one of Historic Denver’s 50 Actions for 50 Places and possibly have it preserved.

"A big part of our impetus for trying to get these designated is because he was a rather significant architect in Denver and these were his first three homes," said Goble.

That architect was David Dryden, known for building many of Denver’s schools, including the Evans School. This serves as an example for Historic Denver of why its important, they say, to keep the past alive.

"It is really intended to be proactive and to uncover the great diversity of places that exist in our city that make our neighborhoods special," said Annie Levinsky, executive director of Historic Denver.

The sites chosen represent iconic architecture, arts and entertainment, and important homes, Levinsky said. And just because a location is on the list, it doesn't guarantee landmark status.

"People just want to know more about the story of a place and want to understand a little bit more about it. In some cases it could be interpretation, maybe signage.... Something you could experience," said Levinsky.

If a site does move forward with landmark status, it could take three to five years to complete.

Here are all 50 places:

Cross-Over Appeal: Aztlan Theater, 976 Santa Fe Drive

Cross-Over Appeal: Sakura Square – 1255 19th St.

Cross-Over Appeal: Julia Greeley Boarding House, 2911 Walnut Street

Arts & Entertainment: Bob Ragland Home of the Non-Starving Artist, 1723 E 25th Ave.

Arts & Entertainment: Old Elitch Gardens Carousel House – 3775 Tennyson St.

Arts & Entertainment: Bear Mountain and Monkey House – 2300 Steele St.

Arts & Entertainment: Street Clock by E. Howard & Co. - 770 S Broadway

Civic Assest: Stedman Elementary School – 2940 Dexter St.

Civic Asset: National Human Alliance Watering Trough - Tremont Pl and W Colfax Ave.

Civic Asset: Benedict Fountain – 475 E 20th Ave.

Civic Asset: Garden Place School – 4425 Lincoln St.

Civic Asset: Halprin Fountains at Skyline Park – 1110 17th St.

Civic Asset: Wellshire Inn – 3333 S Colorado Blvd.

Civic Asset: Eisenhower Park Picnic Pavilion – 4300 E Dartmouth Ave.

Cultural Resource: Little Italy of Denver - (Multiple properties, North Denver)

Cultural Resource: Denver’s Chinatown, Lower Downtown

Cultural Resource: The Grove, Colorado Aids Memorial, Confluence Park

Cultural Resource: Riverside Cemetery – 5201 Brighton Blvd.

Cultural Resource: Former Navajo Arts District – Navajo St. & W 37th Ave

Iconic Architecture: Cliff May Homes, Harvey Park

Iconic Architecture: Big Top Auto Mart Buildings, various locations

Iconic Architecture: Moorish Revival House by Gonzalez Brothers, 1585 Glencoe

Iconic Architecture: Whatley Chapel – 1800 Pontiac St.

Iconic Architecture: J Solf Building/Schachet Mercantile/Brooklyn’s - 2644 W Colfax Ave.

Iconic Architecture: Shangri-La – 150 S Bellaire St.

Iconic Architecture: Firehouse 13 – 600 S Broadway

Iconic Architecture: Art Moderne Building – 2101 Champa St.

Iconic Architecture: Ford Motor Company – 900 S Broadway

Iconic Architecture: Denver’s Row of Painted Ladies – 2250 W 34th Ave.

Remarkable Residence: Irving P. Andrews House, 2241 York

Remarkable Residence: Barney Ford House – 1569 N High St.

Remarkable Residence: George Morrison Sr. Residence & Whittier Homes – 2558 Gilpin St.

Remarkable Residence: Judge Raymond Jones House – 780 Steele St.

Remarkable Residence: Albert Whitaker House – 3656 Bryant St.

Remarkable Residence: Robinson House – 3435 Albion St.

Remarkable Residence: Frank Edbrooke House – 1825 E 25th Ave.

Remarkable Residence: McDonough Residence – 3939 W 46th Ave.

Remarkable Residence: Former Gender Identity Center – 3715 W 32nd

Remarkable Residence: Rosedale House -- 2199 S Bannock St.

Legacy Business: Lake Steam Baths – 3540 W Colfax Ave.

Legacy Business: Bail Bond Corner – Roughly 1303 Delaware St.

Legacy Business: Lakeside Amusement Park – 4601 Sheridan Blvd.

Legacy Business: El Chapultepec – 1962 Market St.

Legacy Business: The Shops at East Colfax & Quebec – 7232 E. Colfax Ave.

Legacy Business: My Brother’s Bar – 2376 15th St.

Legacy Business: Mercury Café - 2199 California St.

Legacy Business: Ben’s Market – 2301 E 28th Ave.

Legacy Business: La Casa de Manuel – 3158 Larimer St.

Legacy Business: Welton St. Café - 2736 Welton St.

Legacy Business/Iconic Architecture: Bastien’s Restaurant – 3503 E Colfax Ave.