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'Hiring Now' signs popping up in Downtown Denver as COVID restrictions ease

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Posted at 1:38 AM, Apr 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 18:54:19-04

DENVER -- As temperatures warm and the Colorado Rockies resume playing at Coors Field, there's a new "signs of the times" in Denver.

"Now Hiring" and "Help Wanted," signs are cropping up along South Broadway, the 16th Street Mall and in LoDo.

Many of them are at restaurants and bars that were hard hit by the pandemic.

As more people get vaccinated, and COVID restrictions ease, more people are heading out for meals and entertainment.

"We actually just put the sign up today," said Jessica Ashworth, General Manager at BØH (Back of House) and BRUTØ, on the Dairy Block.

She said recent crowds have been so big, they need help now.

"This past weekend has...just been so busy that all of us are beat, and we've all worked really long hours, so we realize it's time," she said, "It's time to hire more."

Ashworth said they're looking for all kinds of professionals, front and back of the house.

"Anybody that's looking for work and that fits our team and our needs," she said. "People that are excited to come back to work."

Several baseball fans heading to the game Saturday afternoon, said they're glad to see restaurants filling up again.

"We've been long-time Rockies fans," said Lisa Kitsmiller. "Coming down here and seeing the amount of people here, and the celebration, it actually feels like things are getting back to normal."

"I know there were so many people badly impacted, so I'm glad they're hiring," said Lisa's husband, Bob Kitsmiller. "If they're going to have 20,000 people a game, the restaurants will be busy, but people will still be safe."

"I'm really excited that businesses are opening up again and people are working," said Jenna Nickerson.

"It feels great," said Scott Carnahan. "It's like we're almost back. It's almost over. It feels like spring for the pandemic, like the cold winter is over."

A few blocks away, dozens of people attended a spring job fair at Elitch Gardens.

17-year old River Greer was one of them. He said he was hired.

"I'm excited to have my first job," Greer told Denver7. "It's just very nice to like have this opportunity. I do think I'll have a fun time here."

Slowly but surely, more businesses are expanding their workforce.

"Anyone who's looking for a job, regardless of age, we want to put them to work," said Sam Bailey, Vice President of Economic Development at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.

Bailey said aerospace, bio-science and financial services were not greatly impacted by the pandemic, but there was a downturn in tourism and hospitality.

Statistics just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics bear that out.

"Getting those people back to work, whether it's with their previous employer or in any area that's growing, like financial services, IT software, healthcare, our goal is to put Coloradans back to work in really good jobs," Bailey said.

He said if you're looking for a job, you need to do two things. First, reach out to your previous employer, or visit the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce's Job Board, on their website.

"There are companies wanting to hire across all skill sets and educational backgrounds," he said. "Colorado has one of the most robust economies in the United States. We're ready to put people back to work."