Ham radio operators help rescue injured hiker at Fourth of July Trailhead area

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. - Three ham radio operators relaying messages helped rescue a man injured on a backcountry hiking trail.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office said a ham radio operator was hiking on the Fourth of July Trail in Boulder County on Monday when he found a man who had been fallen and was hurt.

The ham radio operator in Boulder County contacted a second ham radio operator in Colorado Springs, who then called 911 dispatchers in Boulder County to replay the message.

A third ham radio operator with the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group was able to confirm the location of the hiker and his injuries.

"This was a huge benefit to the rescuers," deputies said.

Dispatchers sent rescuers from the Nederland Fire Protection District, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, American Medical Response Ambulance and the Boulder County Sheriff Office to help.

They found the injured man and hiked out with him.

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