Gun control supporters rally at the Colorado Capitol


Nearly a year since the Arapahoe High School shooting and two years since Aurora theater shooting, about 200 gun control supporters marched to the state capitol Thursday to honor victims and tell lawmakers they support gun laws passed last year.

The crowd included Marcus Weaver, who was injured in the Aurora Theater shooting, Tom Mauser, whose son was killed at Columbine High School, and Jane Dougherty, who lost her sister at Sandy Hook Elementary School attack.

"My sister, Mary Sherlach, was the school psychologist murdered at Sandy Hook, and that was absolutely devastating," Dougherty, a Littleton resident, said. "It propelled me into the gun violence-prevention movement."

The group walked around the state Capitol holding signs and then delivered messages to lawmakers urging them to preserve the 2013 gun laws that, most notably, banned the sale of large capacity ammunition magazines and mandated universal background checks for gun buyers.

"Those laws will save lives and they have saved lives," Dougherty said.

Efforts to repeal the laws failed in the last legislative session, but some expect Republicans, who now have control of the state Senate, to try again in 2015. Republicans leaders reached by 7NEWS Thursday said, at this point, they have only heard rumors of renewed repeal efforts, and nothing specific.

Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose, said he would support a repeal.

"I think it was wrong to begin with," Coram said. "I think it was kind of pushed through, and I think it didn't play well with a lot of Colorado."

He said with more Republicans in the Colorado Legislature in 2015, a repeal may have a better chance even with a Democratic House and governor.

"If you look back at the vote on that legislation, it did not have unanimous Democrat support," Coram said.

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