Greenwood Village bans long-term hotel stays; critics say policy unfairly targets working families

Extended-stay hotels not affected

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. - Long-term stays at hotels or motels in the upscale suburb of Greenwood Village will no longer be allowed, after city leaders approved an ordinance Monday limiting hotel visits to no more than 29 days.

The measure, which won't take effect until Nov. 1, is necessary because hotels are not in residentially zoned areas of Greenwood Village and are not equipped to operate as long-term living facilities, the city claims.

That includes, the city says, potentially dangerous use of hot plates and cooking implements in rooms not wired or designed to handle such items. Extended-stay hotels would not be affected by the measure.

Critics of the ordinance say the policy unfairly targets working families who can't always afford an apartment rental, especially if they are required to pay first and last months' deposit up front.

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