GQ calls Denver one of Top 5 Best Beer Cities in America

GQ calls Denver 'Brewtown USA'

DENVER - GQ Magazine has named Denver one of the best beer cities in America in its October issue.

According to the magazine, "Throngs of thirsty outdoorsmen, beer-friendly laws and some of the country's purest water have made the Mile-High City America's craft-beer capital."

Other cities that made the list include Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cleveland and San Francisco.

"There's enough beer brewed within city limits to make drinking a neighborhood affair," GQ wrote.

GQ called Denver "Brewtown U.S.A." -- and for good reason.

According to, the state has 140 plus breweries and is home to four of the top 50 brewing companies in the nation.

That's one of the reasons why Denver is home to the Great American Beer Festival held each year in October.

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