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Good Samaritans save 2 from fiery crash in Arvada

Wheatridge couple races to rescue
Posted at 9:44 PM, Jan 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 08:34:39-05

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — A man and woman are alive thanks to the kindness of total strangers.

Sunday night, they were pulled from a fiery crash by near Arvada by two good Samaritans.

"His car is on fire. He's a human being in need, you know?" said Jonathan Moreno.

A modest hero described the heart-pounding moments when he saved the lives of two total strangers.

"I'd rather live with myself getting hurt saving someone, then live with myself knowing I could have helped save him," the Wheat Ridge man said.

Horrifying cell phone video shows a family car bursting into flames, just seconds after Moreno helped pull the couple outside to safety.

That night, Moreno and his girlfriend, Elexcus Garcia, saw the car swerve to avoid another vehicle, then crash into a pole near Interstate 76 and Sheridan Boulevard.

They pulled over and sprinted to the scene,

"If it was my family in there, I'd want someone to do the same," Garcia said. "We didn't know if there were more people in the back that needed to be pulled out, because it was on fire. We were thinking they may be unconscious and we'd have to pull them out before the car blows up."

While Garcia called 911, Moreno tried to pull the driver out himself, then grabbed a bystander to help.

"He's a big dude. I went over to a dude and said, 'Help me grab him, because the car is going to blow up,'" Moreno said.

He then pulled the female passenger out as the car went up in flames. Moreno said the man was fading in and out of consciousness and had several broken bones.

"He said his chest felt like it (was) wet. I picked up his shirt to check. His bone was popping a little up," he said.

Moreno and Garcia stayed on the scene until the ambulance arrived.

The Colorado State Patrol said the injured couple suffered serious injuries, but both will survive.

Thanks to two guardian angels who went above and beyond to do the right thing.

"I'm not a hero, just a human being helping another in need. A hero is Superman," Moreno said.