Good Samaritan helps subdue alleged carjacker; John McLaughlin hailed as hero by authorities, family

GOLDEN, Colo. - Every kid sees his dad as a superhero, but on Wednesday, John McLaughlin proved what his 4-year-old son already knew.

"One police officer said ... you could've saved a couple of lives," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin was driving home from work on Interstate-70 near the Lookout Mountain exit when a Jefferson County sheriff motorcycle deputy passed him.  He said at first he thought there was an accident, but then he saw that same deputy get off his bike and chase the suspect down the interstate.

"He was out right away with his handgun drawn yelling, 'Get down. Get down!' The guy had his hands up and he said, 'Don't shoot. Don't shoot!' That's when I knew it was real," McLaughlin said.

AIRTRACKER7 video shows the suspect, later identified as Christopher Sullivan, running away from Deputy Fred Haggett just feet from McLaughlin's gray Hyundai.

WATCH Raw Video of the chase and arrest:

After Sullivan ran around the back of the car, Haggett was able to grab his shirt and take him down to the ground.

"I could've reached out and grabbed the guy, he was that close," McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said he waited for other deputies to arrive, but when they didn't he jumped in to help.  Authorities said it was a crucial move that may have saved lives.

"I was just concerned that he might be able to get up with just one officer on him so I thought, well I can assist and hold his legs down. It seemed like forever but if I wanted to count on the video it was at least seven seconds -- it seemed like longer," McLaughlin said.

Back at home, McLaughlin said he wished he could've helped more. While he's always been a hero in his kid's eyes, now the whole world gets to see it too.

"[A deputy] said I wish there were more people out there that would respond to things like that like you did. So that was very rewarding and nice to hear," McLaughlin said.

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