Glendale won't use eminent domain to take business owner's property

GLENDALE, Colo. - A Glendale land owner has no intention of selling her property.

Glendale wants to develop the land between Colorado Boulevard and Cherry Creek, but the owners have been reluctant to sell.

They were given a new offer Tuesday, and now have a week to make an official decision.

There was concern the city would use eminent domain to take it from the owners, but officials said Monday night that is not the plan.

"We have repeatedly said that we do not want to sell our land. We have a more family-oriented vision for it than the City of Glendale has. We are thrilled that the City has finally stated in writing they have no plans to condemn our property but we are skeptical of their real intent, and will remain vigilant — especially now that they have decided to discuss this in the media before we even have time to read the proposal," said Nasrin Kholghy, owner of Authentic Persian & Oriental Rugs.

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