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Ft. Collins company offers bullet-resistant shields for kids

Angel Armor sells shields for $110 to $160
Posted at 5:56 PM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-19 19:56:03-05

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Angel Armor, a Fort Collins-based company, is offering one solution to help parents protect their kids from school shootings.

"We've had grandmothers, parents looking for something that they can protect their children with. It's unfortunate that we need something like this now," said Brian Brown with Angel Armor.

The armored plate is known as Ally One. It comes in three sizes and is designed to fit in small places like a backpack, laptop case or binder.  

"If kids have to carry a binder in school this is one of those ones that they can put right into a back pocket," Brown explained.

As a former law enforcement officer himself, Brown said he has his son carry two of the plates with him at school.

"It's easy to carry. He doesn't even know it's there, but it is a little peace of mind for me," he said.

For a lot of parents, Brown said that's what the shields provide -- peace of mind.

The armored plates are not designed to stop high-powered semi-automatic rifles like those used in recent mass shootings, but can stop any smaller-caliber bullets from handguns.

"Statistically, we find that most of these incidents are occurring with handguns. That's the protection that this provides," Brown said.

Brown also said while many people have made the argument that they shouldn't have to buy this kind of protection for their kids, he stressed these plates aren't meant to solve the problem and that they're simply an added layer of protection.

"We're just presenting one solution, there are other solutions out there for kids and families and parents to be protected," he said.

Angel Armor sells the armored Ally One plates online, and run from $110 to $160 each.