Ft. Carson civilian arrested on terrorism charge

Trial set for Aug. 18

FORT CARSON, Colo. - A former Fort Carson civilian employee who boasted of being a domestic terrorist in text messages has been charged with making terrorist threats, including vowing to turn the Army base into "Fort Columbine."

Douglas Kunz, a former butcher at Fort Carson's commissary store, has been charged in federal court with disrupting interstate commerce with threats of explosions or fire. Trial has been set for Aug. 18.

"It's almost time for Ft Columbine," Kunz allegedly wrote in one Facebook posting in which he complains about his mistreatment at work, according to federal records. His pleas for a transfer to New Mexico had gone unheeded.

FBI agents assigned to the Southern Colorado Joint Terrorism Taskforce began investigating Kunz after receiving complaints this Spring from Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy, both in Colorado Springs.

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