Former ThunderRidge High School teacher sentenced to 21 years for sexual exploitation of a child

Posted at 4:06 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 20:26:49-04

A former ThunderRidge High School teacher accused of victimizing young boys and collecting "a library of child porn" has been sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Jeffrey Falk, 52, of Highlands Ranch, was sentenced on Wednesday, according to a statement released by the Office of the District Attorney, 18th Judicial District.

Falk was a math teacher at ThunderRidge High School in the Douglas County School District from July 1995 to July 2014.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office arrested Falk in September 2015.

Falk was accused of hiding a camera inside one victim's home and accessing the video remotely.

Investigators found he had surreptitiously recorded minors.

Falk was initially charged with three counts of possessing 20 or more sexually exploitive videos of a child, publishing exploitive videos, stalking, burglary and unauthorized computer access.

He was subsequently charged in two more cases involving similar allegations.

Falk agreed to plead guilty to three counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

"[A] man who has spent years victimizing children and adults in the community now will be spending a substantial amount of time in prison," the statement quoted Deputy District Attorney Ann Pogue as saying. "We hope the sentence in these cases brings some peace to the victims and their families.”

“This case highlights the lengths to which child predators will go,” the statement quoted District Attorney George Brauchler as saying. “A person who our community trusted for nearly two decades to have special access to our children in our public schools later abused the trust others had in him to victimize young boys and amass a library of child porn."

"There is no place in our free society for a person who views children as objects for perverse self-gratification,” Brauchler was quoted as saying.