Former prison in Brush, Colorado will not become marijuana grow operation

City Council votes to keep pot ban in place

BRUSH, Colo. - A former prison in Brush, Colorado will not become a marijuana grow operation, after city leaders voted in favor of keeping pot ban.

Monday night, city council members voted 4 to 3 to keep its current moratorium on pot businesses in place through 2016, Brush City Administrator Monty Torres confirmed with 7NEWS Reporter Jennifer Kovaleski.

Nicholas Erker of nearby Fort Morgan bought the prison for $150,000 in March. He said the building would be one of the safest places to grow pot.

"I am disappointed in some of the council members for not taking the time to educate themselves for the betterment of the community," explained Erker following the council's vote.

He also said he is not giving up the fight yet and will explore other options to get the decision to voters in November. 

Erker said the facility would have created 31 jobs and half a million dollars in taxes, just to start with.

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