Flu season starting late in Colorado; influenza started hitting in late February, early March

DENVER - The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and flu season feels like a distant memory.

Dr. Michelle Barron, an infectious disease specialist at University of Colorado Hospital says, “Not quite.”

“We're actually still seeing a fair number of cases,” she said.

The Colorado Flu Report shows the flu season started in early October,  but most hospitalizations did not happen until late February, early March.

“Last year by this time we were pretty much done,” said Dr. Barron.

At last count, there were 118 new cases of hospitalized patients.

“Typically end of March, April is when we see a decline. When you have such a late season you'd expect that by May we'll be done. but you just never know, flu is so unpredictable," she said. 

According to Dr. Barron, this year's flu vaccine was a pretty good match and kept a lot of people from getting sick.

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