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Wheat Ridge community rallies to find Five Fridges Farm's missing, possibly stolen goats

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jan 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-01 20:22:14-05

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — The search for five allegedly stolen goats has captured the attention of the Wheat Ridge community on social media. Five Fridges Farm in Wheat Ridge put out a public call for help finding its herd, and the response has been overwhelming.

The cold didn’t keep groups of people from searching on foot or by car.

"We have a report of five goats that have gone missing here in Wheat Ridge," said Eric Ma, a volunteer that helped search.

When Five Fridges Farm owner Amanda Weaver went to check on her goats, which stay on a plot of land on part of the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt Open Space, she noticed the locked gate had been broken.

"I realized they were gone and was panicked,” she said. “It’s confusing. It’s upsetting. Goats are like family."

Weaver raised the goats and they actually work for the city in a way, grazing on different city-owned properties half of the year. Residents recognize the herd and even check on them.

"(They're) just making sure they’re cared for and it’s just amazing how people care for these guys," Weaver said.

Like the Colorado 4 x 4 Rescue and Recovery Team who spent their New Year's Day searching the area where the goats were last seen, Weaver said she believes one of the possible scenarios that would explain the goats’ disappearance — someone stole them.

"In which case, you’re looking in backyards or huge properties," said Weaver. "I pretty much ruled out a goat doing this."

Wheat Ridge police are investigating, and it seems the entire town is hoping for the best.

"They're sort of Wheat Ridge pets and I miss them. I just want to see them come home safely," Weaver said.