First responders to Aurora theater shooting honored

Responders: things slowly returning to normal

AURORA, Colo. -  

Tragedy can do funny things to time.


“Some days it was just like it was yesterday, other days it was like it was a half a year to a year ago” said Aurora Patrol Specialist Justin Grizzle.


It can slow it down, speed it up, take you back and make you relive it.


"Every time that alert tone goes off for a high priority call, in the back of your mind you wonder what it’s gonna be like because most of us never dreamed that that would be something we would be involved in," said Aurora Police Sgt. Stephen Redfearn.


They were some of the first responders to the theater shooting in Aurora.  On Thursday, state and city leaders as well as community members gathered at the Community College of Aurora to honor the first responders of that night two months ago when 12 people were shot to death and 58 others were wounded.


Hero's like Aurora Police Officer, T.J. Campagna, who jumped into action and told 7NEWS he has thought about those moments every day since.


"It’s prompted me to have discussions with my family about being aware when they’re out in public, making sure they know what’s going on around them," Campagna said.


"It helps just talking about it knowing that somebody else feels the same way you do," Specialist Justin Grizzle added.


Two months have passed and these responders say they've slowly found their way back to normalcy.  The Police Department is stronger and the community is closer.  Still, things in Aurora, will never quite be the same.


"It’s kind of like post 720 and pre 720 and I think we’ll judge everything that happens in the police department based on that night," said Sgt. Stephen Redfearn.

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