Fed up of seeing trash in the mountains, two people work to make change

Posted at 6:02 AM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 08:59:42-04

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- Two people on two bicycles are making a statement to get people to help clean up trash in the mountains.

Seth Orme and Abby Taylor are traveling across the country. They made a stop in Boulder. The duo will work with an outdoor company called Exxel Outdoors and plan on picking up trash in Gordon Gulch with the company.

"There is a lot of trash out there in places you would think are extremely pristine, often a lot of trash build up," Orme said.

Orme is the founder of “Packing It Out.” It's an effort to get people to help clean up trash in the mountains. He and Abby started their long journey in Georgia. They left in April.

"We're on bicycles; we're not on remote trails; we're actually biking across the country," Orme said. "But, what we're trying to do is go to towns like Boulder, Minneapolis and Madison."

The two have worked in the Appalachian Mountains.

"It's incredible how much trash and what you find. We found wet, moldy mattresses on the trail," Orme said.

The U.S. Forest Service identified some areas north of Nederland that need attention. The group will dismantle illegal fire rings left by transient campers, too.

"We've put on cleanups throughout our trips throughout major cities along the way, and I think to date, this should be our one with the most manpower behind it," Taylor said.

Trash and illegal campsites are plaguing this area of mountains.

Orme has some advice to others:

"Pick up one piece(trash) a day. That's what I would say - just one piece a day," Orme said.

You can follow their journey by clicking here.