Expert offers advice on kids' bedroom design, safety in light of dresser falling on 2-year-old twins

Andrea Schumacher: incorporate safety and beauty
Posted at 4:16 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 14:29:05-05

DENVER -- A viral video that shows a dresser toppling onto twin 2-year-old boys highlights the danger of not securing top-heavy furniture to your walls.

The mother of the boys shared the video via social media as a warning to other parents about the danger.

In light of the incident, we tapped Andrea Schumacher, with Andrea Schumacher Interiors here in Denver, to share her expertise on kids’ bedroom design and safety features.

Schumacher doesn't only have an eye for design; as a mom herself, she also has a keen sense of safety incorporated into design.

"I think it's critical," Schumacher said. “If a piece of furniture comes with a secure kit, you should certainly use it.”

Schumacher’s Top 5 do's and don'ts in kids’ rooms look like this:

1) Securing unstable furniture to the walls
2) Installing window bars on second-story windows
3) Using electrical outlet covers
4) Avoiding lighting, lamps in particular, that aren’t UL listed
5) No bedding materials in cribs of children under 2 years old

“Because suffocation risk is so high at those ages,” Schumacher said.

With regard to lighting, Schumacher says trendy and cute doesn’t always translate to safe.

“A lot of people are getting on Etsy and buying these unique, cool lamps,” she said. “But, they're not UL listed by the government."

She’s also not a fan of electric heaters in bedrooms.

"Kids can easily knock those over, which makes them a fire hazard,” Schumacher said.

She also suggests latches on the front and back doors.

“You can buy little monkey latches,” Schumacher said. “The door only opens so far, so if the kids try to get out, they’re safe from the street.”

Sage advice from someone who knows aesthetic beauty better than anyone.

“But if it’s not safe, it’s not functional,” said Schumacher.


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