Evol Foods Plant in Boulder evacuated due to high carbon monoxide levels; 6 people sickened

BOULDER, Colo. - At least six people were taken to the hospital Monday after a suspected carbon monoxide leak at Evol Foods in Boulder, according to the Boulder Fire and Police departments.

Officials said they're not certain of the cause of the carbon monoxide, but firefighters may have traced it to batteries charging on a forklift.

Kim Kobel with Boulder Fire and Boulder Police said first responders evacuated the plant on Range Street, then evaluated more than 70 people.

Six people were taken to the hospital as a precaution, Kobel explained.

"The issue at our Range Street facility is under investigation," explained Boulder Brands spokeswoman Caroline Hughes is a statement sent to 7NEWS. "Employee safety is our most important priority, and we have ceased production until we can identify the cause and take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees."

Evol Foods is a subdivision of Boulder Foods, which also owns Smart Balance and Udi's. Evol makes frozen burritos, boxed meals, quesadillas and other items.

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