Effort to curb crime using concrete barriers creates differences of opinion in Denver neighborhood

New cement barrier installed in Denver's Park Hill

DENVER - An effort to curb crime by installing a concrete barrier at one Denver intersection is creating debate in the community

The barrier is installed at the entrance to Holly Square in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood.

The new tactic was first reported by our news partner at the Denver Post: http://tinyurl.com/pn5jy3u

"I mean just look at it, it looks like we're going to run into just a brick wall," said resident Linda Frye who is not fond of the new purple and yellow barrier. "But it's just an eyesore for sure."

"I would rather see more officers out on bikes and out patrolling the area," she said.

The giant concrete barrier at 33rd Avenue and Hudson Street was suddenly installed just weeks ago.  The goal is to prevent drive-by shootings and drug deals at this busy intersection by making it less accessible.

 "I think it says this a bad part of the city," said Frye.

Frye isn't alone.  Resident Rochelle Ruffin has lived in the neighborhood for 13 years.

"If they're going to do the crime, they're going to do the crime," said Ruffin.  She wished someone asked for input before the blockade was installed.

"They didn't get any input from what we think would be a better idea."
The road block has the support of the many community groups including the nearby the Boys and Girl's club.

"The Boys and Girls Club supports the newly installed barricade as it increases the safety and security for the hundreds of children and teens in the  Northeast Park Hill Community," said a spokeswoman.

Simon Peter O'Hanlon grew up in the community and now runs after school program for neighborhood kids.  He's noticed a change at the corner.

"Now there's no one hanging out there and people are free to easily, comfortably go into the stores, shop and come out," he said.

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