DU chancellor talks about landing the presidential debate between Obama, Romney

Robert Coombe says swing state status helped

DENVER - As the world convenes on the University of Denver for the first 2012 Presidential debate, chancellor Robert Coombe is witnessing the end result of months of preparation.
 "It's very real indeed," said Dr. Coombe in a one-on-one interview with 7NEWS. He is one of the people who had talks with the debate commission, convincing them to come to Denver.

"The fact that our vision is to be a great private university dedicated to the public good.  This is simply the kind of thing that a great university ought to be doing for the public," said Dr. Coombe

Dr. Coombe also believes the school's facilities, Colorado's presence as a swing state and its location may have helped to seal the deal.

"There haven't been very of many of these in the West, that's part of the reason we thought we might have a shot," he said. "After all of the months of planning , that it's really going to happen next week.  We're really excited."

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