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Dozens of books stolen from a Little Free Library; officer donates his own books to help

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 18:36:01-04

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — WHEAT RIDGE -- Kelly Loy’s Little Free Library is an extension of her passion.

"I’ve always loved books," Loy said. "I have books probably in every room of my house."

For years, people have come and gone to the library much like the books stored inside. At least, Loy said, that was the case until last week.

"I actually have a little bookmark in there that kind of explains the process and funny enough that was the only thing left in there, was the bookmark that explained how it worked," Loy said.

One morning a car drove up and stole more than 30 books that had been collected by the community. Loy reported it to Wheat Ridge police.

That's when School Resource Officer Barry Malloy said he heard about the case.

"Ms. Loy had sent an email to the police department and they had referred it to me to handle it and contact her to see exactly what I could do to help her," Malloy said.

Loy said she expressed to Malloy her reservations on ever putting books back inside the library.

"I expressed that maybe I shouldn’t put books out there anymore if that was going to be happening, and he said don’t you dare do that because don’t let them change who you are," Loy said.

Already having a collection of his own, Malloy took matters into his own hands and donated enough to help bring the Little Free Library back.

Loy says it was a small act of kindness worth more than a thousand words.

"It reminded me that it does make a difference when you put yourself out there and when you do good things," Loy said.