Douglas County School District appealing voucher ruling to U.S. Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Douglas County School District will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review its school voucher program.

In 2011, the school board offered up to 500 students $4,575 each in state funds for tuition at private schools under a program called the DCSD Choice Scholarship Program. However, Taxpayers for Public Education sued the Douglas County School District contending that DougCo's voucher system violated the Colorado Constitution and the Public School Finance Act.

In June, Colorado's Supreme Court ruled that the program violated article IX, section 7 of the Colorado Constitution. That provision specifically prohibits the government from spending money in support of a school controlled by a religious group.

A majority of the schools involved in the 2011 program were religious in nature.

"When the Colorado Supreme Court’s opinion was announced in late June, we promised a careful, thorough and rigorous legal analysis to determine our next steps," said DCSD Board of Education President Kevin Larsen Wednesday in a statement sent to 7NEWS. “Today we announce that we will be seeking U.S. Supreme Court review of our case."

DCSD said the State of Colorado will be filing its own petition with the Supreme Court supported DCSD.

The school district said the defense of the DCSD Choice Scholarship Program has been mounted using privately-raised funds and no taxpayer dollars.

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