'Don't Be a Lab Rat' campaign to discourage kids from using marijuana launches Monday

How do you encourage kids not to use marijuana at a time when acceptance of pot is at historic highs and Colorado is more awash in conflicting marijuana messages than any place in the country?

"This was a tricky one," ad man Mike Sukle said.

The result launches Monday, when workers begin dropping human-size rat cages around Denver and ads that acknowledge debate about how dangerous marijuana is begin running on television and in movie theaters.

The campaign is called "Don't Be a Lab Rat." The idea is to suggest to kids that Colorado has become a testing ground on the consequences of marijuana legalization — and they will be the test subjects if they use pot.

Sukle said the goal isn't to scare kids with the usual claims about what will happen to them if they use marijuana. Instead, it's to unsettle them with the uncertainty that they can't be sure what will happen.

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