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Dog taken during car theft near Broncos Stadium at Mile High found in Kansas

Owner: “I’m excited, happy and relieved”
Posted at 7:27 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-05 18:23:11-04

DENVER – A dog that was stolen along with a car near Broncos Stadium at Mile High has been found more than 600 miles away from home.

Myles Richards was offering a $1,000 reward – no questions asked – for anyone who could give him any information as to the whereabouts of his missing dog, Goose.

Richards, a general contractor, had driven to a construction site near the stadium to give a work crew some instructions, but left his 2016 Audi allroad running with the windows up and the air conditioning on to prevent Goose from getting hot.

After he returned to the where he parked the vehicle, he realized the thieves took something far more valuable inside.

“My concern is my dog. I don’t even care about the car. I’m just concerned about my dog. I want my dog back,” Richards told Denver7 Tuesday.

His wish was granted Friday, when Richards received a call from an animal shelter in the City of Mission, Kansas, telling him they had Goose.

“All I know is my dog is there, and I’m excited, happy and relieved,” he told Denver7 over the phone, adding he's on his way to the shelter to reunite with his four-legged friend.

The stolen car has not been found.