Dog 'calming' medicine contains 13% alcohol

Hundreds sign petition for Petco to take off shelf

PARKER, Colo - Hundreds of people have signed an online petition for Petco to remove a dog calming medicine that contains 13% alcohol.

Good Dog, by Pet Organics, claims to be a homeopathic way to calm down unruly dogs with "all natural ingredients."

Parker dog owner Crystal Short said she was interested until she read the "inactive ingredient" on the label: 13 percent alcohol, about the same volume as wine.

"Alcohol is one of the things our vet has said very clearly do not let your dog have, along with Xylitol, grapes and chocolate," said Short.

The pet poison helpline states that even a small amount of alcohol can be toxic for cats and dogs.
"It is not advisable to recommend products with a high concentration of alcohol for pets," said Dr. Narda Robinson, a veterinarian and physician at Colorado State University, pointing to the broader issue of a lack of regulation for homeopathic drugs for pets. "If this product has a calming effect, it's probably because of the alcohol, not because of the homeopathic medicine."
Dr. Tina Wismer, with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center said many herbal medications have an alcohol base.

"They are supposed to be dosed at a couple of drops per animal. Certainly if they ingested the entire bottle and it was a small animal, they may become intoxicated," said Wismer.

Short is not the only one concerned. More than 400 people have signed the petition for Petco to take the product off its shelves.
In a statement, a Petco spokesman said that Good Dog is supposed to be diluted in water: "When used as directed, this product has no negative effect on pets, and no known pet deaths or illnesses have been associated with this product in the 10 years it has been sold at Petco."


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