Doctors attending Denver convention restart man's heart

Docs in Denver for emergency medicine convention

DENVER - When an exhibitor at the Colorado Convention Center collapsed Monday without a pulse near the Blue Bear Cafe, it was pretty lucky he was surrounded by thousands of emergency doctors in Denver for a convention.

Three doctors rushed to the man's aid and saved his life by restarting his heart, said Elaine Slater, a spokeswoman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, who was hosting the convention.

"When someone stops breathing and has no pulse, immediate action is essential to saving his life," said Dr. David Pigott, MD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and one of the three responding physicians. 

"We did CPR in shifts until EMS arrived to take him to the hospital. A physician near us just happened to have a CPR mask in her bag," Pigott said.

Dr. Jared Shell, an emergency physician in Chattanooga, Tenn.,  and Dr. Jerry Edwards, an emergency physician in Clearwater, Fla., also helped in the resuscitation. 

The doctors used a portable defibrillator at the convention center and revived the man, whose name was not released.

"If you're going to collapse, the middle of an emergency physicians' convention is probably about the best place to do it.  The best news is that we have heard the patient is doing well!" said Pigott. 

ACEP is the national medical specialty society representing emergency medicine, Salter said.

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