Denver7 calls in reinforcements to help with Longmont woman's moldy apartment

Posted at 10:54 PM, Sep 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 01:12:15-04

LONGMONT, Colo. -- Maria Monet had a problem. She claimed her Longmont apartment was flooded with sewage and overgrown with mold, and that she was having trouble with the complex in dealing with it.

Denver7 ran her story Monday night. On Tuesday, things started changing.

"They put in those two pieces there," she said, pointing to two new pieces of wood in her kitchen floor cabinets. 

The apartment maintenance staff had removed the old (and moldy) pieces and installed new ones just hours after our story aired.

"Someone must have seen it. I'm sure that's part of it," Monet said. 

The next step was to remove the carpeting from her living room and bedroom. That required Maria to move all her belongings out of those rooms. She's in a wheelchair. 

So, Denver7 made a call to someone else who saw the story on Monday: Care Restoration out of Lyons. The company does mold removal and carpet cleaning but also donates time to help people in need. 

"That's the biggest part of it is giving back, so thanks for the call," Matt Jiminez of Care told Denver7's Jason Gruenauer. 

The company brought in three employees, including the company’s president, to help move Maria's things out of two rooms to allow for carpet removal. 

"It's a big blessing," Monet said. "I feel relieved. That'll help get the carpet out, so I won't have to be breathing that stuff nonstop."

Maria plans on moving out on September 15.