Denver working on plan to improve safety and security on the 16th Street Mall

DENVER - After four women say they were sexually attacked by the same man near the 16th Street Mall, 7NEWS has learned there are improvements planned to make the mall safer to visit.

The Downtown Denver Partnership has finished a study looking at ways to improve safety and security at the mall. The non-profit business organization is trying to figure out why people feel unsafe and ways to fix it.

"During the day when we ask people how do you feel, what is your experience - it's amazing, and so we're trying to make sure we're translating that to all hours of the day," said President and CEO Tami Door.

The mall is packed with people during the day, but at night - it's a different story. People say they don't feel safe and many stay away from the mall after dark.  

"There's a lot of homeless people and it's sad," said Caroline Heuringh, who works downtown.

"The freaks come out at night," said Greg Tishkowski who also works in the area.

While crimes do happen and the Downtown Partnership acknowledges there are issues, it says a lot of the safety fears are perceived and not necessarily true.

"In any public space, safety and security and the perception of both of those is paramount and we recognize that we do have some issues that we're dealing with," said Door.

The Downtown Denver Partnership is looking at ways to change the perception on the mall, while also addressing safety.

One of the things they're looking at is improving lighting so there aren't as many dark places. They're also looking at ways to deal with the homeless and police enforcement.

"Most people I know work down the street and come here for lunch, not really to go out at night," said Allison Opiela, who works near the 16th Street Mall.

The Downtown Partnership hopes to have a comprehensive security action plan by the end of the month.

The lighting project is already underway and improvements could happen by the end of the year.

The City of Denver wants to know about your experience on the 16th Street Mall. Denver has created a survey to see how you feel about your overall experience while out shopping. To access that survey, click here.

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