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Denver police report one fireworks-related citation or arrest thus far

Calls for service up year over year, citation numbers could change
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Posted at 11:50 AM, Jul 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-05 16:30:53-04

DENVER – Police in Denver have so far recorded only one fireworks-related citation or arrest since June 15, though those numbers could change as reports are put into the system, but calls for service were up over the year.

According to the Denver Police Department, there were 1,561 fireworks-related calls for service reported between June 15 and July 4 – the most coming on Independence Day, when 519 calls were made related to fireworks.

That’s already more than last year, when 1,054 were reported June 15-July4, along with another 179 calls on July 5 and 6 last year. Two citations and arrests were reported last year.

So far this year, just one fireworks citation or arrest has been put into DPD’s system as of Tuesday morning, but the department said that number was likely to change because of a reporting and transcription lag and the holidays.

Still, the number of calls for service over the past two years was far fewer than in 2020, when 5,389 calls for service were made June 15-July 6, along with 47 citations and arrests.

The previous high for calls for service and citations and arrests came in 2017, with 3,102 calls for service and 57 citations or arrests:

2022 (as of July 5): 1,561 calls for service, 1 citation/arrest
2021: 1,233 calls for service, 2 citations/arrests
2020: 5,389 calls for service, 47 citations/arrests
2019: 1,477 calls for service, 19 citations/arrests
2018: 2,162 calls for service, 25 citations/arrests
2017: 3,102 calls for service, 57 citations/arrests

Denver police said Sunday they had seized an estimated 10,000 pounds of fireworks that were being illegally sold out of a home in northwest Denver but had not arrested anyone in connection with the seizure at the time. There were numerous illegal fireworks seen and heard across Denver on Monday evening and night.

“As a reminder, ALL fireworks are illegal to sell purchase, possess and light off in Denver,” the department said. “…We encourage anyone who is aware of the illegal sale of fireworks in Denver to call us at 720-913-2000.”

Several fires linked to fireworks started across the metro area over the weekend, including one that got close to homes in Aurora but did not burn any buildings.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said its dispatch center received 166 fireworks calls for service on July 4, which was down from the last two years. They did not issue any citations.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said there were 277 calls for service related to fireworks and one citation issued.