Denver police apologize for UberX incident; man claims officer lectured him that 'Uber was illegal'

Officers say police investigation is now underway

DENVER - The Denver Police Department has issued an apology letter after a negative interaction between a Seattle man and police officer.

It stems from an incident last Friday, when Dave Cook was using UberX for transportation to Denver International Airport.

Cook's trip was apparently drama-free until the vehicle was pulled over by Denver police, who were monitoring traffic speed.

In the online newsletter "GeekWire," Cook wrote a column titled, "My Uber Got pulled over by the Denver Police - and then things got really weird."

Cook says what began as speeding stop, turned into the officer lecturing him that, "Uber was illegal in the state."

Yet the officer was wrong, the governor recently signed a law allowing the service to operate.  It's the first such law in the nation.

"You know, this legislation is new and I think there's going to be a bit of learning curve for everyone," said Will Collum, general manager of Uber Colorado, which runs UberX in the state.

Cook added in the article that, "The officer then asked for my license (which seemed, odd, uncomfortable and totally inappropriate)."

He wrote that the officer didn't answer his questions and instead offered him a free ride to the airport.

When Cook said no, he claims the officer "then threw my driver's license at me and said suit yourself."

Denver police confirm an investigation is now underway.  In the meantime, Chief Robert White issued an apology letter to Cook, a copy of which was tweeted out by DPD.



"It's our responsibility to know the law," said DPD commander Matt Murray.  "He felt it was important to reach out to Mr. Cook and say you know this isn't how we would want you to be treated in our city." 

Cook wrote that he still has positive views towards Colorado, but in a follow-up posting stated, "abusive power needs to be completely eliminated from our society."

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