Denver neighbors want house with graffiti, trash, weeds cleaned up

Homeowner owes $6,200 in fines

DENVER - A neighborhood eyesore on Franklin Street, in Denver, is becoming an unbearable burden for neighbors.

“I don’t like it,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

“It’s a graffiti magnet,” said another neighbor, Randy.

Neighbors said they’re tired of looking at the graffiti, weeds and trash that have taken over the home that sits on the corner.

“She should do more than she’s doing but I don’t know whose job it is to tell her,” a neighbor told 7NEWS.

Denver city officials said they’ve tried to get the homeowner to clean up her property.  The city has given the homeowner twelve fines in three years that add up to $6,200.

The city has also been to the home four times to remove leaves and trash, totaling $840.

“This is okay she must have cleaned it up a little bit, but those weeds were waist high from front to back,” “Randy” told 7NEWS.

7NEWS went by the home twice this week but nobody answered the door.  It seems police are running into the same problem.  The woman has failed to appear in court and there is now a warrant out for her arrest.

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