Denver named among top 50 cities in world for food lovers

Posted at 10:26 AM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 12:26:36-04

DENVER – If you love to try new food, you could do a lot worse than Denver.

The Mile High City was just named one of the top 50 cities in the world for food lovers.

The list comes from Bott and Co., a U.K.-based firm that describes itself as “the UK leader in flight delay compensation.”

Bott and Co. looked at Google Maps restaurant listings to determine the diversity of food options available in a given city, focusing on the number of different “national” cuisines (Mexican, Italian, etc.). With that in mind, it’s little surprise that New York landed in the top spot on the list with 94 different national cuisines available there. London came in second with 89 national cuisines.

With 40 types of national cuisine available across the metro area, Denver tied for 44th place with Brisbane, Australia and Charlotte, North Carolina. Most of the food available in Denver is of various European and Asian varieties, according to Bott and Co.’s analysis.

Compared only to other U.S. cities, Denver came in 18th place. Similarly-sized cities such as Seattle, Miami and Minneapolis all ranked higher. 

Here’s how Denver ranks among U.S. cities on the list:

1.    New York
2.    Chicago
3.    Los Angeles
4.    San Francisco
5.    Boston
6.    Philadelphia
7.    Portland
8.    Seattle
9.    Minneapolis
10.    Atlanta
11.    Las Vegas
12.    San Diego
13.    Baltimore
14.    Houston
15.    Miami
16.    Orlando
17.    Charlotte
18.    Denver
19.    Detroit
20.    Phoenix

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