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Denver named 11th most 'fun' city in America

Posted at 1:21 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 15:21:53-04

DENVER – Denver continues to rank among the most “fun” cities in the country, according to financial services website WalletHub.

The Mile High City ranked 11th on this year’s list of the “most fun” cities in America. Denver also ranked 11th last year.

WalletHub looked at a variety of recreation and entertainment-related factors to come up with its list, including restaurants and bars per capita, number of music venues and casinos, alcohol prices, movie ticket prices and more.

With those factors in mind, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas retains is status as “most fun” and Orlando remains in second place.

Here are the most “fun” cities in the country, according to WalletHub:

1.    Las Vegas, NV
2.    Orlando, FL
3.    New York, NY
4.    Atlanta, GA
5.    Miami, FL
6.    Chicago, IL
7.    Portland, OR
8.    San Francisco, CA
9.    New Orleans, LA
10.    San Diego, CA
11.    Denver, CO

Colorado Springs and Aurora also made the list, coming in at numbers 66 and 130, respectively.

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