Exclusive: Denver jail deputy facing discipline for inappropriate use of force on inmate

DENVER - A Denver Sheriff's Deputy is facing suspension without pay after an incident involving an inmate a year and a half ago.

The allegations of improper use of force surround Denver Deputy Manwell Fuller and an interaction with  inmate Reid Cary-Sadler on February 28, 2013.

According to a discipline report, Fuller is accused of grabbing Carey-Sadler by the neck, after a confrontation between the two men.  The two men have history of tense and disruptive behavior toward each other, according to the report.

"It's 100 percent clear what he did to me.   He strangled me," said Cary-Sadler in an exclusive interview with 7NEWS on Tuesday night. 

"What did he do with his hands?" asked reporter Marc Stewart.   "He wrapped both of his hands against my neck and forced me against the wall and squeezed as far as he could.  He strangled me."

The authors of a review of the situation write, "The force used was not objectively reasonable and appropriate in relation to the threat the inmate Cary-Sadler may have posed to Deputy Fuller."   They added, "grabbing inmate Cary-Sadler by the neck and choking him, even if he posed an imminent or objectively reasonable threat was not justified because there were other options available that did not require using the level of force Deputy Fuller employed.  Furthermore, the technique Deputy Fuller employed was not departmentally approved or taught in training."

"The Department has great concern regarding your ability to act responsibly and to conduct yourself appropriately as a Denver Sheriff Department Deputy.  There is an immediate need for improvement in this area," said civilian review administrator Sharon Elwell in a letter to Fuller.

A video recording of the incident was made and 7NEWS has requested its release.

This latest case comes to light the day after the Denver City Council approved its largest settlement in its history.   Former inmate Jamal Hunter was awarded $3.25 million after cameras captured deputies harming him.  They’re also accused of not responding to his pleas for help.

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