Denver is #1 in political ads in 2012

DENVER - If you think you're seeing more ads for the presidential race than ever before, you're right.

Over 915,000 presidential ads have been aired on broadcast and national cable television since June 1, according to the Wesleyan [University] Media Project.

Researchers at the university said that's a 44.5 percent increase from the 637,000 ads aired through October 21 in 2008 and a 43.7 percent increase from the 634,000 ads aired through October 21 in 2004.

However, the numbers of ads you're seeing depends on where you live.

TV watchers in Denver, Las Vegas, Tampa, Cleveland and Orlando are seeing the most ads:

  • Denver -- 9,950 ads
  • Las Vegas -- 8,057 ads
  • Tampa -- 7,992 ads
  • Cleveland -- 7,961ads
  • Orlando -- 7,916 ads
  • Washington, D.C. -- 7,746
  • Miami -- 7,523 ads
  • Columbus -- 6,647
  • Cincinnati -- 6,488 ads
  • Norfolk -- 6,489 ads

The Grand Junction TV market came in 14th on the list of top media markets by volume in the presidential race.

In most TV markets, President Obama's campaign and democratic groups are outspending the Mitt Romney campaign and republican groups.

Obama's campaign aired $65 million in ads to Romney’s $30 million, the researchers said.  American Crossroads is the third most active spender, spending $28 million for over 26,000 ads. Priorities USA was the fourth most active spender in the last three weeks, but it was the only pro-Obama group in the top 10. 

The Wesleyan project found that in a large portion of the country has seen no broadcast television ads, other than a few ads aired on national cable.  Fewer markets are receiving advertising in 2012 than in 2008, with several markets in Missouri, Indiana, Montana and North Dakota dropping off the map.

Read more and see the numbers on Wesleyan University's website.

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