Denver International Airport marks Star Wars Day by welcoming all, even Darth Vader, the Death Star

DENVER - On this Star Wars Day, Denver International Airport wants residents to know it's there to connect you with places far, far away.

The airport shared a series of photos on Monday showing some surprising new "planes" at the airport.

Airport spokesman Heath Montgomery confirmed to 7NEWS that, "While we really do connect you to destinations around the world, we don’t yet have service destinations as far away as Tatooine."

"We're just having some fun with National Star Wars Day," Montgomery explained.

May 4th is celebrated as Star Wars Day because of the play on words, "May the 4th be with you."

While photos from DIA showed the Death Star hovering over the runways...

And the Stormtroopers waiting for Darth Vader...

Then welcoming him...

Montgomery promised this was just the airport having fun with its passengers.

Montgomery also admitted that Vader's visit was actually last year, but he warned that passengers may see multiple Vaders, Stormtroopers and many other characters as Denver's ComicCon approaches May 23-25.

See more Star Wars pictures on DIA's Facebook page.

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