Denver dispensary recalls pot due to pesticides

Posted at 4:16 PM, Aug 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-22 20:20:29-04

DENVER --  A popular Denver dispensary is voluntarily recalling medical marijuana, among other products, due to pesticides concerns. 

La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary announced its recall on Monday, saying there's a possibility that unsafe pesticide residues are on various units sold to customers. 

Various tests performed on 524 different units of 16 medical edibles, one oil used in smoking and three strains of medical marijuana contained Myclobutanil, Spinosyn, Spiromesifin or Imidacloprid -- a host of dangerous pesticides. 

Nobody has yet reported an illness due to the pesticides, but officials are releasing the names and product numbers of the products, advising anybody with such a product to take action. 

  1. O Giesel Fruit Chews, green apple: 1814
  2. O Giesel Fruit Chews, pink lemonade: 2533, 2605
  3. O Giesel Fruit Chews, fruit punch: 2604
  4. O Giesel Gum Drops, red berry: 1810, 2457, 2530, 2589
  5. Amnesia Fruit Chews, fruit punch: 1820, 2475
  6. Amnesia Fruit Chews, green apple: 2473
  7. Amnesia Fruit Chews, pink lemonade: 2474
  8. Chem Skunk Gum Drops, orange: 1965
  9. Chem Skunk Fruit Chews, green apple: 1971
  10. OG Tange Fruit Chews, green apple: 2098, 2911
  11. OG Tange Fruit Chews, pink lemonade: 2099, 2912
  12. OG Tange Fruit Chews, fruit punch: 2100
  13. Ghost Train Haze Fruit Chews, fruit punch: 2818, 2819
  14. Ghost Train Haze Fruit Chews, pink lemonade: 2820
  15. Ghost Train Haze Gum Drops, red berry: 2806
  16. Honey Banana Gum Drops, orange: 2807
  17. BHO/CBD-O syringes: 2918

Marijuana subject to the recall includes the following strains sold from Sept. 2015 through Nov. 2015.

  1. Permafrost
  2. Tange
  3. Banana

Anybody who purchased these products is asked to dispose of the products or return them to the store.