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Denver couple wrongfully evicted from apartment by Adams County Sheriff's Office

Posted at 9:36 PM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 14:34:36-05

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — Chantal Jacobs was sleeping when she heard a pounding on her door. It was the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

"I kind of cracked the door and he budged in," Jacobs said, remembering the encounter with an Adams County deputy.

At this point, Jacobs said, she had no idea why they were there, with their guns drawn. She said she asked if they could explain what was happening.

"He finally tells me — he’s being rude about it — 'This is an eviction. Do you know what an eviction is? It’s an eviction,'" Jacobs said.

The problem? Deputies entered the wrong apartment at the Tuscan Heights apartment complex.

A spokesperson with the Adams County Sheriff's Office tells Denver7 management at the apartment complex gave them the key to the wrong apartment and when they realized, they put the couple's belongings back. They also said nothing was stolen or damaged.

Jacobs and her girlfriend, Lizbeth Escarcega, say there was damage, including to their iPad.

They say the rest of their stuff ended up on the lawn.

"Honestly, it was traumatic. I’ve never been through something like that and it’s embarrassing too," Jacobs says of her belongings being tossed outside.

The two women finally were allowed to see the court order, which not only showed the address for the apartment building next door, but a man's name.

Adams County Sheriff's Office says they are internally looking into the matter to make sure a similar situation doesn't happen in the future.

We reached out Tuscan Heights management for comment but they never got back to us.