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Denver-based Meier Skis turns ski-making into social experience

Posted at 1:07 PM, Oct 17, 2019
and last updated 2021-01-05 17:26:25-05

Colorado's ski season is right around the corner and Thursday's forecasted snow has resorts and skiers scrambling to get ready for the first runs.

Whether you're a regular or beginner on the slopes, you're in good company. Denver-based Meier Skis wants you to carve up the mountain with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Anyone in the ski business knows that customers are itching to hit the slopes as the weather cools and flurries start to fall.

"Those first few dustings on the mountain tops get the juices flowing," he said.

The company has been handcrafting high-performance skis since 2010. The eco-friendly local ski maker harvests sustainable Colorado aspens and beetle-kill pines to forge their skis and snowboards.

“So every ski (and) every snowboard we make, we use a clear top sheet to show off the workmanship and the natural beauty of the wood,” Eynon said.

Whether you like big powder, boarding, or backcountry runs, they have a ski design to fit you.

That’s because every ski is fully customizable — from the model, to the size, to the artwork.

“Someone can work with our graphic designer,” said Eynon. “So for $1,295, (you can) have a one-of-one, the only ski of that kind in the world.”

And what's more, they invite you to be part of the ski-making experience.

Meier Skis has applied for a liquor license to turn their retail shop into a bar, giving it a social feel.

“People can come in, talk to the ski tender, learn about the brand, learn about the manufacturing process, while having a cold beer or a glass of wine,” he said.

Windows into the manufacturing area let you sit and sip, and see the quality work in progress. They even give tours after hours.

It’s made the company as much a destination as the resorts themselves.

“You know, we'll have skiers in that are local — people in from Michigan, Boston, Georgia, Texas,” Eynon said. “And, they're all kind of mixing together. So, it's almost like instead of apres-ski, it's pre-ski.”

So, no matter where you're from, or what's your speed, Meier Skis is sharing their mountain passion with you.

“It's about being outside, being out in the fresh air, ripping down the snow, and just having a blast,” Eynon said.

Meier Skis ( is located at 1775 South Broadway Ave, Denver, CO 80210.

They also have the House of Tunes, a repair business to fix your skis no matter the make or style.