Denver, Aurora listed among worst cities in which to drive

Posted: 7:38 AM, Jul 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-10 13:38:19Z

DENVER – This may come as little surprise to drivers in the Denver area, but two metro-area cities have been named among the worst cities in the country for driving.

The new ranking from WalletHub names Aurora the 20th worst U.S. city to drive in and Denver is named the 26th worst. 

The list doesn’t focus on traffic or commute times but instead looks at a wide range of factors related to getting around in a car, including cost of ownership, gas prices, quality of roads, rates of traffic crashes and the number of auto repair shops per capita, among others.

Because of all of those factors, the city that ended up atop the list is one that might not be immediately obvious: Detroit, which has some notoriously bad roads. Coming in at second and third are San Francisco and Oakland.

Here are the 10 worst U.S. cities to drive in, according to WalletHub:

1.    Detroit, MI
2.    San Francisco, CA
3.    Oakland, CA
4.    Philadelphia, PA
5.    Seattle, WA
6.    Boston, MA
7.    New York, NY
8.    Newark, NJ
9.    Los Angeles, CA
10.    Chicago, IL

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