Delta plane forced to make emergency landing at DIA after flying through hail storm

DENVER - A Delta jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport Friday after it was caught in a hail storm that damaged its windshield and nose cone.

The plane was headed to Salt Lake City from Boston when it was pounded by hail. Passenger Rob Wessman said passengers were holding hands and crying.

"I was nervous," he said. "I was messaging my wife, actually. 'Hey, this is pretty scary.'"

According to audio recordings of pilots' conversations with air traffic controllers, their visibility was compromised during the landing. The pilots landed without incident, Delta said in a statement.

One person was transported to a hospital per their own request, according to a Denver International Airport spokesperson.

Passenger Beau Sorenson said he didn't realize how significant the damage was until the plane was safely on the ground.

"I didn't realize that we were in as much danger as we were until we got on the ground and actually saw the damage to the plane," Sorenson said. "Then I realized we were lucky to be alive."

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.