Debbie's Deals: Troy Tulowitzki and Justin Morneau home runs at Home Run Derby = Ticket discounts

DENVER - When Colorado Rockies' players Troy Tulowitzki and Justin Morneau hit a combined eight home runs at the Home Run Derby Monday night, fans earned a discount on tickets next month.

For every home run hit by Tulo and Morneau, the Rockies said they would take $3 off the price of tickets in the Mezzanine and Pavilion levels for the Cubs series August 5-7.

The maximum discount was $21 dollars.

Tulo and Morneau achieved that!

Tickets in the Mezzanine and Pavilion are normally $27. With the discount they should be just $6 for August 5th, 6th and 7th.

However, for some reason the Rockies can't explain when I call them, the tickets are actually $7. The Rockies ticket office agrees the tickets should be $6, but they're showing up as $7. I wish I had a better answer on why. But $7 is still a good price, so I'm leaving this deal up.

The discount tickets are on sale on the Rockies' website.

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