Dashcam catches Denver road rage on camera

Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 21:47:41-05

A driver posting Youtube videos of himself hitting cars he believes are in the wrong may actually be the one at fault, experts say.

In a one-minute video clip, the driver posting under the name "Dumbass Drivers of Denver" blames the car driver he is passing for keeping him from merging as his lanes.

"You do realize that I'm coming over right. You're going to hit the wall," said the driver on camera, just before the crash. "F*&* you!"

"I'm thinking, number one, this guy should probably not have a license," said Ronn Langford, the president and founder of MasterDrive, who watched the video. "He is at fault. No question. He should have yielded. The other car was still ahead of him at the time of the sign and as the other lane begin to merge into the right. She has the right of way."

The same dash cam driver has posted two videos of himself hitting other drivers in the last three weeks.

In another clip, he posts that the pickup trying to get over cut him off in his "6,000 pound truck" as he rammed the back of it.

"This guy in the other pickup probably should not have come over," said Langford. "But the truck driver hit the guy on purpose. He had plenty of time not to hit him. He would have been ticketed."

Langford said that while the dash cam driver appears to be out of control, he also said the woman driving in the first video should have realized the threat and slowed down.

"It wasn't her fault, but she could have prevented the crash and the potentially dangerous confrontation just by letting him slam in and go on his way," said Langford. "This is an environment today that is very, very dangerous. The most important thing is to protect yourself."

The driver who posted the videos did not respond to our request to comment through Youtube, but posted online that insurance companies ruled in his favor and no police were called.