CU Police say increase in alcohol, drug tickets due to aggressive enforcement

425 campus liquor arrests, summons in 2011

BOULDER, Colo. - University of Colorado police reported higher numbers of alcohol- and drug-related arrests and tickets in 2011 because of a more aggressive approach to enforcement, officials said.

The university released figures for 2011 last week. Liquor law arrests and summonses went up from 710 to 767 in 2011. More than half (425) happened on campus, the report said.

The statistics were reported by the Daily Camera.

"Our agency over the last several years, has tried to create an environment with accountability for students in drugs and alcohol, starting with orientation," Cmdr. Robert Axmacher of the CU Police Department told the Camera.

Azmacher said there have been fewer serious alcohol- and drug-related crimes since police stepped up enforcement. Police prefer to write a ticket for a minor violation than deal with a larger situation later, he said.

Burglaries also increased from 27 cases in 2010 to 42 cases in 2011. However, Axmacher said 42 cases is still a drop from 2009 when there was 60 reported cases.

"From a historical perspective, we are still showing a trend going down in the long run," Axmacher said.

The statistics were presented in the 2012 CU Security and Fire Safety Report.

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