CU-Boulder program awarded $6 million grant to promote safety at Front Range middle schools

BOULDER, Co. - October is school safety month, and with school shootings making headlines across the country, millions of dollars are now coming into Colorado to keep kids safe.

The Center for the Study & Prevention of Violence at CU-Boulder was awarded a $6.2 million grant that will help fund new programs at 32 area Front Range middle schools.

"That is a critical time in development, when problem behaviors begin to emerge," Director of the Center Beverly Kingston said. "If those kids are supported and followed over time, that could reduce those kinds of mass shootings that we're seeing today."

The grant will provide funding for individualized school programs including assemblies, teacher instruction, and an anonymous reporting system for children.

The schools have not been chosen yet, but many district officials attending a school safety summit say it could make a big impact.

"So much of what we do in school safety is reactive. We're tired of being firefighters. The opportunities to save a life through an intervention before a problem happens, that's a great opportunity for success," Jefferson County Schools Director of Security and Emergency Management John McDonald said.

The grant money is from the National Institute of Justice. 

If the program works in the first 32 schools, it's possible that the Center will add eight more schools each year.

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