Contractor suing developer for unpaid work on newly-built Westminster homes

Homeowners caught in the middle of builders' fight

WESTMINSTER, Co. - Westminster families building new homes in the Bradburn subdivision are still without answers about when their homes will be finished, and they are now caught in the middle of a legal dispute.

"You can see, that we're living among port-a-johns and dumpsters, no grass, no yard, no fence," homeowner Terence Reilly said while showing us all of the unfinished work on his property.

7NEWS uncovering KCI General Contractors, the company hired to build Reilly's home and many others filed a lawsuit against the developer on Tuesday. The lawsuits filed in Denver and Adams County's claims the developer, Stone House Properties, owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid labor and materials for work completed on a total of ten homes including the Reilly's, six others in the Bradburn subdivision and three additional homes in Lakewood and Denver.

"At this point it's a difficult situation for them because they have moved in and have to deal with the situation, but until our sub[contractor]s and suppliers are paid for the work that was done up there, they will not agree to do any additional work on the project," said KCI General Contractors President, Glenn Kunkel.

Kunkel is suing House Stone Properties for payment of unpaid labor and materials plus interest. This comes after Kunkel placed mechanics' liens on all ten homes. He said after those went unpaid and no progress was made during a mediation session with the developer before he decided to file the lawsuit against Stone House Properties.

"This has been a pretty hard blow for the company. We've been in business 26 years," he said. "The end result is it's been difficult for a lot of the people to survive on the lack of payments since last fall."

Both sides continue to point fingers, leaving the Reilly family frustrated. They just want to know when their new home will finally be finished.

"He's really only built us a broken home and really created a lot of heartache and a lot of tears," said Reilly.

7NEWS reached out the owner of Stone House Properties repeatedly. However, the owner, Reed Phillips, refused our requests for an on-camera interview. Phillips did provide a written response the allegations via email. Click here to read the developers full statement.

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