Dozens of Colorado schools ban clown costumes

Districts issue ban following creepy clown threats
Posted at 7:37 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 21:37:50-04

DENVER -- Several Colorado school districts are banning clown costumes, in light of recent "creepy clown" threats.

"There has been a lot of fear around this topic," said Diania Wilson, a spokeswoman for JeffCo Public Schools. "And we have kids that have been legitimately scared at school. And that's not what we want Halloween to be."

Wilson said that even though the recent clown threats have not been credible, social media posts have affected attendance at several schools, with some students to afraid to come to class.

As a result, clown costumes may be banned in the district this year, on a school-by-school basis.

"We leave it up to the schools to decide," said Wilson. "So some schools may allow them and others won't.

Greeley-Evans School District 6 has banned clown costumes in secondary schools following a viral clown shooting threat at two schools last month.

"At elementary schools, we are leaving it up to principals to make decisions that are best for their buildings," said Theresa Myers, a spokesman with Greeley-Evans. "Some of them don’t even have costumes. None of them allow children to wear costumes all day."

Denver Public Schools is banning clown masks and makeup district-wide following threats in that district.

Here is their statement:

"The Denver Public Schools Department of Safety has been working in collaboration with the Denver Police Department to investigate all reports of suspicious activity to include threats. At this time, there are no credible threats in DPS related to the clown situation that has been occurring across the country.

 Despite this fact, safety is our priority at Denver Public Schools. In an effort to minimize the concern for students, families and educators, the district is banning all clown masks and clown makeup from our schools, school grounds, and athletic facilities, during this Halloween season.To safeguard students, parents are encouraged to ensure their children refrain from these costumes and also remind them that fake weapons are also not allowed on DPS property. Students in possession of a clown mask, clown makeup and/or a fake weapon may be disciplined. Denver Public Schools will continue to monitor this situation and will act accordingly if need be."

Adams 12 and Brighton 27J School Districts are also prohibiting clown costumes district wide.

"We’ve made an adjustment to our Halloween guidelines this year that does not allow clown costumes, and that’s really out of the best interest of our school communities," said Joe Ferdani, an Adams 12 spokesman. "We really want to make sure that we’re fostering a safe environment,and we want our staff and students to be able to celebrate their Halloween activities that they do each and every year."

Some parents are glad the school is putting safety first.

"I just think that the kids need to feel safe when they come to their school and that's what they're doing," said Shantel Passmore, whose children attend Adams 12 Schools.

Other parents, though, feel it is an overreaction to creepy clown hysteria.

"I don't think it's real. I think it's just made up," said Deveon Felder, a parent with children in Adams 12 Schools.


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