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Colorado's haunted history: The Denver Press Club

Posted at 4:46 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 20:58:35-04

DENVER – Since it’s Halloween, people question if the paranormal is real. Whether or not you believe ghosts exist, seeing some type of proof could make one question what they think they know.

Members of the Denver Press Club said they have some type of proof.

“This place is haunted,” said Dick Nosbisch, a member of more than 20 years.

The Denver Press Club was founded in 1867 and moved into the building in which it sits today on Glenarm Place in downtown Denver.

“It’s not just a place for people [who are] part of the media,” said Tom Foutch, the general manager of the Press Club. “We’ve had presidents in here – like President Eisenhower, who would come down here for lunch and no one knew he was here.”

A lot of people come and go at the Denver Press Club, but if you ask Dick Nosbisch, some people never leave.

“I’m not trying to convert anyone to believe in ghosts,” Nosbisch said. “But there are pictures I’ve taken of ghosts in here. A lot of people believe they’re here.”

“There are sounds that happen in this building that no building should make,” Foutch said. “I’ve heard footsteps in the lounge as clear as you can imagine – somebody walking across that lounge. But no one was here. I’m here alone a lot, so I try and speak to whatever spirits are here to stay on their good side.”

Thirteen years ago, Nosbisch took a photo of what appears to be a ghost right next to the fireplace at the entrance of the Press Club.

“I took a test shot, but my flash doesn’t go off,” Nosbisch said. “I look back on my camera and sure enough standing right next to the fire place is a lad standing there with a flowery dress. We had a paranormal group here to check things and, and one of the members of that group says, ‘You have three ladies living here. One likes to party a lot and is in a flowery dress.’ I didn’t know what this person meant, but I showed her the picture and asked if that was here and she said yes.”

There are other mysteries in the Press Club that Nosbisch has witnessed – even doors slamming shut on their own without any windows open for wind to close them.

Nosbisch even does a tour to tell stories about some of the ghosts haunting the Press Club, so if you don’t believe, you can go see for yourself since the door is always open.