Colorado Liberian Community gathering medical supplies to combat Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

You can donate supplies in Aurora on Saturday

AURORA, Colo. - Just two days after the president of Liberia called the largest Ebola outbreak in history an international problem, Colorado groups are responding.

"Our intent here is to mobilize materials that we can ship back home to help with the Ebola outbreak," said the Liberian Community President, Daniel Moore.

On Saturday, volunteers will meet at 262 Havana Street in Aurora for the "Stop the Spread of Ebola Drive."  They will be collecting medical supplies from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Moore said they're requesting the most basic needs like gloves, gauze, wipes and disinfectant.

"If you can find body bags, they say people are dying in the streets, and they're needing to pick up these bodies before more people get infected by the disease," said volunteer Naquetta Ricks.

Ricks has been in contact with friends and family in Liberia. She said they describe a country paralyzed in panic with fear so rampant, hardly anyone leaves their homes.

"I remember yesterday when a friend said, 'Yeah we're bathing in bleach.'  Basically people are taking every caution that they can to disinfect and keep hygienic means about them, so that they're not spreading the disease," Ricks said.

In West Africa, the death toll has rocketed to more than 700, as the Liberian community in Colorado tries to fight alongside them from thousands of miles away.

"It is heartbreaking to watch friends die helplessly," said Moore.

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